A successfully accomplished project with Western Canada Learning Network (WCLN) is a good example of our ability to have a large-scale impact with our robust Two Story Robot team.

Brent Sawatzky, School District 23, connected with Two-Story Robot to build a student management system to manage enrolment WCLN’s online school system; “The job was to rebuild a Student Management System from scratch. We had an old system that had evolved over the years, but it was time to modernize and improve it,” said Sawatzky.

“This is the first time we ‘handed the reins over’ to a company and it turned out to be an
excellent choice

The WCLN is a consortium of 51 BC school districts, the Yukon, and 3 Alberta divisions working to support distance and blended learning programs. The platform offers resources for classroom teachers who use a blended learning approach (ie. flipped classrooms, flex-education, inquiry learning, self-blend, self-paced, etc.)

Two Story Robot are the primary developers behind the Student Management System (SMS2) program. This is a web application for administrators, clerical staff, teachers, and counsellors of a distance learning or blended learning program to digitally perform the student management workflow.

Managing workflow digitally saves everyone time and frustration.

“Two Story Robot was particularly good at listening then providing creative solutions” said Sawatsky. “The resulting system is very stable and future friendly. WCLN is very happy with the results.”

The team at Two Story Robot worked with WCLN to rewrite the initially used system from the ground up using modern technologies that scale, and to transition everyone to the new system. We had a keen focus on making things intuitive and user friendly for all types of users.

The new system keeps track of every operation, and is used by staff as a central place for detailed note taking and student communication logging, keeping all programs compliant with provincial auditing requirements.

“I would definitely recommend Two Story Robot as a solid organization who listened attentively to our needs and produced high-level results.”

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