A Full-Stack Team For Your App

We provide an entire team to help you build your next software project — planning, design, architecture, backend API, frontend interface, and deployment.

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We are Two Story Robot. We're really good at building software. We'll make your next project amazing and teach you some things along the way.

We work with the most modern technologies to create great products. From design sprints and web development to machine learning and data visualization, our experience will deliver the most impact to your product. Our component driven approach gathers feedback sooner and gets the product in your hands faster.

Why hire your team one person at a time when you could just hire a whole team at once?

We understand that finding skilled technical personnel to hire is difficult right now. That's where we come in. By hiring a team like ours, you'll get right to the powerhouse stage of product development. You'll have a full stack development team that works with agility, integrity, and creative problem solving. And these are just some of the strengths that we're most proud of as a team.

Avalanche Canada

Improving avalanche safety and data management for Avalanche Canada

We love the outdoors and the snow. Combining our React front-end skills and API design backend skills with avalanche safety was a joyful match.

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Western Canadian Learning Network

Enabling schools to better deliver remote learning with the Western Canada Learning Network

A background in education technology allowed us to design, architect, and build a complete student management interface.

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